Wake up in the morning and open your eyes wide. See the beauty in the world, smile and give thanks. See the ugly in the world, weep; then refuse to let it win. Do this and a life will be lived.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walk Into Life

Follow a river to a road, or a road to a river. Fall asleep where the sky meets the earth. Find the light under a tree. Dream, so that the world continues to change. Laugh, so that when it changes, you do not stumble. Cry, because you will, even if you try not to. Forgive, because you too have fallen short. Believe, because faith gives birth to tomorrow. Defend the strong, for they are those perceived as weak. Speak, but watch your tongue, it can brighten or darken your world. Smile, because it will make the moment better. Watch, because you will see. Listen, because you were meant to learn. Teach, because there is something only you know. Pray, because there is something you do not know. Celebrate, because blessings come to open hearts. Love, because you are loved. Share, because nothing is solely yours. Follow a river to a road, or a road to a river. Look up, see the sky, remember you are both great and small, genius and fool, beauty and imperfection. Close your eyes, say thank you. Open your eyes, put one foot in front of the other and move forward into life.

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  1. Hi - I saw you are following my blog - thank you - so naturally I had to come by.
    I am touched by the quote at the bottom, and this Walk into lie is beautiful. It's poet narrative - how lovely.
    How did you come by my blog?